After organising a romantic getaway with his girlfriend Sophie, Josh receives word of his autistic brother Taylor’s sudden departure interstate. Burdened with the guilt of a strained relationship, Josh reluctantly brings Taylor along.

After a rocky start to the trip, the trio head out along the desert highway but when an approaching police car threatens to derail the weekend, Josh makes an abrupt turn off from the highway into the outback.

Before long, the group find themselves lost amidst the desolate Australian outback. Determined to steer the weekend back on track, Josh pushes on until a punctured tyre leaves them stranded.

Without any mobile coverage or spare tyre, Josh decides to press on despite mounting concern from Sophie.As minutes roll into hours, Josh and Sophie find themselves bickering as they drive along a narrow dirt road. Unable to turn back, Josh powers across the unstable path. Distracted by Taylor, Josh pulls hard on the wheel, flipping the car off road as is crashes down a steep ravine.

Concussed, Josh wakes, trapped amongst the mangled debris. He spots Sophie impaled to the wreckage beside him. Taylor is nowhere to be seen. With his legs pinned to the dashboard and no help in sight, Josh and Sophie are forced to endure a traumatic night ahead.

By morning, Taylor is still missing while Sophie, now paralysed and bleeding profusely is determined to hide this from an increasingly desperate Josh.

Despite several attempts to free himself, Josh soon realises their only hope is time. But Josh is diabetic and with limited food, time is no longer an option.

And here is where Josh learns the painful truth.

Sophie is dying.

Shaken to the core, a distraught Josh watches helplessly as Sophie dies in his arms. With nothing left to fight for, Josh is about to lose hope when Taylor suddenly appears. With a promise of rescue, Taylor vanishes into the darkness leaving Josh to face his own demons. As the hours tick away, on the brink of insanity and his strength fading fast, can Josh hold out long enough to be rescued?


Jamie a troubled 17yr old is sent to juvenile detention where he meetsAbdul, an Afghan refugee working as a cook. With Abdul’s patientguidance, Jamie quickly develops a passion for cooking. Free after 6months, he finds work as a kitchen-hand at a French restaurant run by acharismatic yet temperamental head chef and promptlyfalls head over heels in love with Christina, the chef’s grand-daughter.Desperate to win Christina over and seeking an emotional connectionso far lacking in his life, Jamie enters a prestigious cooking competition.As the clock ticks and the pressure builds, Jamie has to cook the dish ofhis life to prove that he can withstand the heat in the kitchen

Deepest Sympathy

Today is the biggest day of Ben’s career by far! He is driven and hungry for success but also not afraid to trample on anyone who stands in between him and his promotion. He rules the office with an iron fist, seeking praises and adulation from his longsuffering employees. Not even quiet-spoken & hard-working Nigel, his adversary forthe promotion, could ruin his big day. As Ben makes preparations for his moveupstairs to the corner office with the 360° views, an innocuous birthday card sets off a comic chain of events that leaves Ben’s dreams in tatters.

Some Kind of Beautiful

Some Kind of Beautiful is a story that needs to be told. Sixteen year old Sarah's life has become a living nightmare and death seems less painful than waking up to another day. The film explores themes of sexual abuse and bullying in our everyday lives. The intention is to open a dialogue on these uncomfortable issues that are too often hidden and remain buried within. Too often we are quick to judge and miss the opportunity to listen to someone who is crying out for help. Some Kind of Beautiful reminds us to peel back the layers and find the inner beauty in everyone.

Future Foundations

Future Foundations aim is to impact the lives of young people from disadvantaged communities through creative and business mentoring. The charity needed a strong visual statement to highlight their work with the kids in this regard. Conceptualised & directed by threecatsinlimbo Productions, edited by Angus Wilson.

Easily - Rowan Roebig

"Easily" by Rowan Roebig live at The Empress, Melbourne on Saturday May 4, 2013 The band: Rowan Roebig (vocals, guitar), Idge (drums), John Kenyon (guitar, vocals), Rod Collins (bass, vocals), Peter Golikov (keyboards). Camera/editor: Rahul Prasad"

State Trooper - Rowan Roebig

"A cover of the Bruce Springsteen song 'State Trooper' performed live at The Empress, Melbourne on Saturday 4th May, 2013. The band: Rowan Roebig (vocals, guitar), Idge (drums), John Kenyon (guitar, vocals), Rod Collins (bass, harmonica, vocals), Peter Golikov (keyboards). Camera/editor: Rahul Prasad"

You're On Your Way - Rowan Roebig

A music video for the feature track off Rowan's debut album, "Early Traces". Concept by Rahul Prasad, featuring Adam Pedicini and Hannah Ogden. Video was shot in and around Queenscliff, Victoria by Alisha Colwell, DoP who learned her craft at the Victorian College of Arts Foundation program for Film & TV.The song and the video deals with love, loss and the emotional baggage we carry around and how it affects people close to us.


Regret is a short film based in country Victoria that deals with a thirty something man who must stand up to his older brother's bullying ways or live with regret for the rest of his life with his inability to stand up to him.